Amar Rauf, Segment Group Leader at FOSS UK


It was fantastic to have Dan come and present to us at our recent sales meeting. The knowledge and insight provided in relation to social media, in particular LinkedIn was second to none. We have all come away with a deeper understanding of how social media is shaping our industry amongst others and we will now embrace the concepts presented to us by Dan.

Vince Bennett, Relationship Manager at Yorkshire Bank

Daniel is extremely efficient & knowledgeable in the world of social media. He provides excellent courses and coaching sessions on using ‘Linked In’ as a proactive method of keeping in touch with existing contacts and at the same time sourcing new clients. I would recommend Daniel to any individual or business who are looking for new clients and want to harness the power of ‘Linked In’. His courses are tailored specifically to suit a client’s requirements – you can only gain by getting in touch with him.

Jake Cocker, MD of OnDemand Projects

Daniel came in to OnDemand Projects to help us focus our social media at our very specific target audience. We came up with a strategy and he has continued to help us with the constant improvements required. Daniel was fantastic to deal with and always bent over backwards to help us, as well as being highly knowledgeable.

Lucy Curtis, Arbonne

A massive Thank you to Mega Social for providing some fantastic training on the different social media platforms with a particular focus on LinkedIn. Implementing some of the ideas has seen a huge growth in engagement to my business page and profile. I will definitely be working with mega social again in the future.

Karen Keighley, Marketing Manager at Tapeswitch

Daniel came into the Tapeswitch business and has helped completely change the way we think about our content marketing. He’s helped us to target clients more effectively, generate interesting content shown us the benefits of sales and marketing working closer together. The whole team is now more engaged with how we discuss the benefits of Tapeswitch with clients which will subsequently support client acquisition. We’re looking forward to working with Dan further in future.

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