LinkedIn for Higher Education

LinkedIn has changed the way we think about developing our career, reaching out to various communities and engaging with the business community.

I’ve worked on projects over the last few years with staff and students from Lancaster university, Staffordshire University, University College Birmingham, Blackpool and the Fylde College and many more.

LinkedIn for Academics

The Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn for Academics helps lecturers and professors to think about how LinkedIn can help them to amplify the messages of their own work within their peer community, engage a business audience to support real world impacts and discover how LinkedIn can support the employability of their students.

LinkedIn for Professional Services and Business Engagement Staff

More than ever before universities are being tasked with engaging national and local businesses for a variety of purposes including internships and knowledge exchange. The Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn for University Business Engagement staff enables them to find partners from the business world to collaborate with on a wide range of projects.

LinkedIn for Students and Graduates

For the last few years I’ve been delivering LinkedIn and social media training for students and graduates from a wide variety of study backgrounds. The workshops available are designed to empower students to consider the importance of personal brand and how LinkedIn can support job search in the modern commercial environment.

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