Has LinkedIn Turned a Corner?

I remember about 18 months ago the knives were quite clearly out for LinkedIn. It was at a point where it was often slow, it was full of little gremlins (press one button and something completely different happened), they’d tried to remove users’ ability for data exports which were then reinstated and all this was against the backdrop of rumblings about Facebook for Work.

Then, earlier this year the big changes happened on the layout of LinkedIn and it was as if the fires of hell had been unleashed for some people. Many were writing off LinkedIn as a ‘has been’ and asking what Microsoft had let themselves in for.

Fast forward to September 2017 and I don’t think LinkedIn has ever been better.

It feels now like Microsoft have given LinkedIn a good shake and said this needs to improve. Recently there have been so many small tweaks, but tweaks that add significantly value that it’s hard to keep up. Here’s just a few of my favourites.

So simple yet so effective. Who would have thought that adding a button labelled home would make navigation so much easier? It seems so basic but remember, there was a time where LinkedIn didn’t have that button, perfect for starters.

Again, a basic change but bringing in native video had to happen, LinkedIn was so behind the curve for something that is vital in a mobile world.

The dashboard gives some great individual analytics but when you use them in conjunction with one another you can really start to understand where and how you are being spoken about.

Using advanced search by searching for connections of connections. Great way to find those all-important intros.

The major improvements in post analytics help you to understand if the audience you’d like to see your content is actually getting it in their newsfeed.

Finally, the new format post searches might still be in their infancy but I think there’s lots of promise making it great for people to find new opportunities.

So, it really is looking up for LinkedIn and I think it’s well and truly got its swagger back. The LinkedIn Marketing solutions changes too are really exciting and I think it will drive a whole new generation of users forward on the platform ensuring it remains the world’s most important business networking tool.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the new changes? Are there others that you’ve seen that are good?

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