How do I sell on LinkedIn?

For the last couple of years now I’ve been selling on LinkedIn. I’ve been using LinkedIn to build up an audience of leads that I know use the services I provide, to nurture them over time using daily posts as a sales pitch and then convert when the time is right. Want to know more? Here’s how…..

We Don’t Properly Understand Social Media Yet

This is the problem for most people I speak to. They use social media because they think they should but they don’t think about how. I liken using LinkedIn to going to your best ever networking event where:

  • Everyone in the room is a lead
  • You have invited them there
  • You can choose the tone of the event.

Network with an AIM

When you use LinkedIn like this you’ll realise that your ability to network online is like networking in real life. The majority of your work isn’t about converting, it’s about relationship building. It’s about:

  • Focussing on the people you want to speak to
  • Engaging them in conversation that gets them to like you
  • Demonstrate to them that other people like you
  • Over time drop into the conversation that you are a subject matter expert
  • Listen out for their buying signals

Focus on The People You Want to Speak to

That’s right, get in the right conversations. So many people waste time on LinkedIn with conversations that have zero relevance, or build networks without considering who they want in the network. Tip – do an audit of your existing client base and then look to connect with similar people. If your existing customers are happy then chances are new similar contacts would be too.

Engage Them in Conversation That Encourages Likeability and Trust

The biggest mistake people make when posting on LinkedIn is thinking it’s all about Me! It’s not, it’s about them, your customers. Listen to what they speak about, share their insights with your audience, comment on their updates, show them that you are listening to what they are saying and care about what they are trying to achieve.

Demonstrate that Others Like You

We call this social proof. It comes in the form of recommendations, endorsements and all sorts of other conversations. Am I likely to buy from someone with 20 connections who never talks on LinkedIn with a partially filled profile or will I buy from an All-Star User with 30 recommendations and 99+ endorsement scores?

Be the Subject Matter Expert

It’s not true that all you should do is share industry insights. That’s robotic. You’d never go networking and just talk shop! However, you do want to be seen as knowing what you’re talking about. If there are big changes in your sector that will impact your audience let them know. Go one better and write a blog with your own opinion.

Listen Out for Buying Signals

A true social seller is always looking for those buying signals. It might be that people have been visiting your profiles. It might be from the news that is being shared from a company page. It might be that someone is moving role. Whatever it is the chances are a change in circumstances of some sort is presenting an opportunity. Are you ready? Will you be the first to take advantage?

Think of these rules like ingredients of a cake. In isolation, they won’t make much of a cake but when you start to use them all together you’ll start to see how LinkedIn can work to generate leads and make money.

If you want to know more then come and join me for my next Hidden Secrets of LinkedIn Masterclass on the 12th of July at the Borough in Lancaster. You can book your tickets here today.

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