The Best Social Media Tip I Never Gave

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel discussing ROI on social media. After a lively conversation the final question was fairly straight forward, “What is the one tip you have for social media use in business?”

I’m afraid to say that although I gave a good answer it wasn’t my best (these things happen when you are on the spot). That said, I’ve since taken some time to think about what my answer would be. Here goes:

We all know that change is on the horizon. The problem is for most businesses they are waiting for the change to happen to them rather than driving the change through.

We cannot control the fact that most consumers use social media and digital as a fundamental part of their decision-making process when making purchase decisions. Online research, looking for social proof, getting referrals and much more are all part of that digital journey.

Whether you like it or not your business is a digital business. Does your operation reflect that? Can people find out what you do from your online footprint? If the answer is no then remember, Now is the time to start. Drive the change and make sure your business is fit for a digital world.

That my friends is my top tip.

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