A (few) Days out at The Borough

Over the last few weeks we’ve been really fortunate to have been working with the Borough Group of pubs to deliver social media training. For those of you that know the Borough you’ll know it’s one of the best loved pubs in the North of England. Alongside the Borough the group also includes The Lodge at Slyne, The Britannia in Lancaster and The Borough Brewery.

The Brief

As with many organisations Company Director Hannah Horner had taken full responsibility for social media delivery across all locations. This in itself can be incredibly time consuming. The challenge here was to empower other members of staff to take control for the respective venues, freeing Hannah to return to more strategic work on the business.

The Challenge

Empowering is a really keyword. In my experience, and generally, when people feel they are allowed to use social media to speak on behalf of the companies they work for there are immediate benefits. The first part of the challenge is creating an environment where people feel comfortable and safe posting on social media without fear of recrimination. There are also challenges around time and coming up with fresh content ideas. Finally it’s about maintaining consistency.

The Delivery

Our social media training and strategy sessions are action packed. From the very start the key is to create a situation where the staff feel like they are actually taking ownership of the social media. That means we facilitate and they create. We prompted conversations around good and bad social media, boundaries, tone of voice and buyer profiles. We looked in depth at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite and some other useful social media apps. By spreading the training over a number of sessions staff also were given the opportunity to practice what they’ve learnt in between sessions and then feedback was collected amongst the group.


According to the team the training was not only insightful but also empowering. Staff feel confident they can post on behalf of the organisation and understand why they are doing so. Ultimately there activity will benefit brand awareness, reputation and lead generation so getting it right is vital.

* The video features Ben delivering a session on iPhone photography. You’ll notice the irony of this with the quality of the hyperlapse video coming from my Android phone.



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