Mega Social 3.0

Today marks the start of the next stage in the evolution of Mega Social (complete with a brand new website built with my own fair hands).

Over the last two years, from a standing start, the business has grown from being me being an outsourced social media manager to being a full on manager, strategist, speaker, trainer; pretty much bits of everything.

Time to Rethink!

You’ve probably heard many stories of self-employed people suffering from burn-out. The strategy above is pretty much a decent guide as to how that burn-out happens. Along with all the doing above there’s also things like managing your own marketing, finding new business every day, sorting out the accountancy stuff and then finding time for a family. In January this year I was pretty much forced to reconsider everything.

Although I was benefitting from a number of high profile speaking engagements I realised that I was running around and getting paid for all sorts of different projects but losing focus. Alongside my colleagues Ben Freeman and Howard Dodgson we decided something had to change.

We have taken the decision to stop doing social media management in future. We have a small and established core group of customers for whom we provide ongoing content and will continue these great relationships but the business will now focus on training and strategy.

Through this journey we’ve listened to our customers who’ve said that we are at our best in front of large groups delivering training that makes sense. This training is no longer just me neither; Ben has a growing reputation as an excellent facilitator and expert digital marketer.

Building Capacity Elsewhere

The changes meant we can really concentrate not only on what we do and making the best of that, but also what we love. They say never get in a mechanics’ car, well, that’s where I had got to.

The way my marketing had evolved was a little like the mechanics car. In order to scale where I need to be better with digital assets. Plus, I love to blog. And for those of you that had seen the interview videos on Facebook Live I needed to do more of these. Over the coming months writing and videoing will be making a welcome return to the Mega Social locker.

Employability and Unlocking Knowledge at Lancaster University

For the last four years I’ve had a very close relationship with Lancaster University having previously worked in the careers department. Indeed, social networking online is something I personally see as an employability key skill, such is its importance to work. When I was asked to come back and get involved with the team once again I jumped at the chance. I’m overseeing the Unite Plus project from the University right now and working alongside the careers team with some of their employability challenges.

So there it is. Mega Social is evolving and heading in the right direction. Thanks to everyone for the support so far and I hope you’ll enjoy tuning in to stage 3.

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